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Ryan Cate Auctions and Real Estate is family owned and operated in Richmond, IN. We have been serving our clients for over 25 years in the real estate business. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually deliver the best experience and value for our clients.
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Why Auctions?

An auction is one of the most efficient ways of converting your property and / or assets into cash. Auctions by definition mean increase and is the only type of sale where price is negotiated higher than lower. An auction creates a transparent and competitive bidding environment which helps increase sale prices for sellers. An auction can also be held in a short amount of time minimizing holding costs.

Why Real Estate Auctions?

  • It is a transparent bidding process creating a competitive environment
  • Definite date of sale
  • No inspections
  • Property is sold “As Is”
  • No finance contingencies
  • Can be sold “Absolute” (No minimum bid) or “With Reserve” (Subject to a minimum bid)
  • Close usually within 30 days

Want help selling your equipment or property?

Let Ryan Cate Auctions help you get maximum results.

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